Hush Presents: Secret Speakeasy, NYE 2017

The date: 31st December. The year: 1927.
This New Year’s Eve, Hush is taking you from the heart of Mayfair to the sidewalks of Manhattan, for an immersive experience to get you guys and gals a flappin’.

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At Midnight, the biggest gangster of New York, ‘Mad Dog’ Moriziano is released from prison, where he’s been serving time for the murder of a rival mobster. Now, he’s coming back, to take control of the Gin Joint that has been taken over by his fierce rival, Johnny “The Doctor” Costello. Mad Dog’s mad, see: Johnny told Mad Dog the place was shut down after an NYPD raid, and hasn’t been giving him his share of the profits. Plus, he’s been making a little extra money, using dancing girls that do more than just dance.

Now that Mad Dog knows the truth, he’s ready to take back control. And Johnny’s scared, because most of his crew have left town or defected: unless he can get a million dollars by midnight, he won’t see the New Year Alive.

Will Johnny get his cash before Mad Dog gets to him first? Will the cops get wind of it all, and raid the joint? Do the doe-eyed dancers know more than they let on?
Join the cast and crew at Hush’s Mayfair townhouse to follow the twists and turns of this festive Prohibition themed event, Hush’s biggest New Year Eve yet.

Enjoy a “secret” cocktail on arrival (but shh, don’t tell the cops), live entertainment and actors throughout the night, with different spaces to discover, complimentary bubbles and hot dogs after the clock strikes, DJ ‘til 3am plus the option of an exceptional three course themed dinner…this won’t be so much a “why I outta…” as a “why I gotta”!

Buy your ticket now for the hottest NYE this side of the Empire State Building as Hush Presents: Secret Speakeasy!

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